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Tooling and Contract Machining

Standard Injection Molding

IMM ranges from 50-3000 tons, prototype, production, supporting equipment and fixtures.

Decades of experience within multiple sectors including consumer, industrial and automotive.

  • Single to multicavity (16) applications.
  • Capable of machining tolerances of +/-0.0002” or 5 microns.
  • Experience with Honda SpeCla machining approvals.
  • Grained applications, including PPGM.
  • Mechanisms: unthreading devices; hydraulic cores, ejection; transmission systems; mechanical slides, lifters, etc.
  • RJG Installations and tryout support.
  • Some automotive applications: A-B-C-D pillars, rocker panels, cowls, window sashes, bezels, closeouts, roof racks, support brackets, fuel baffles, lock rings, etc.

2 Shot Molding

  • Using the following methods: Core rotate, core retract, robot transfer and in-mold rotate.
  • Experience with multiple machines and process configurations including: side by side barrels, horizontal and vertical barrels, parallel machines with manual transfer, etc.
  • Some applications include, automotive fuel doors, radiator seals, seat recliner covers, exhaust baffles, layflat baffles.

Insert Molding

  • Experience with metal, plastic, laminate, film and cloth inserts.
  • Retentions measures include, magnetics, vacuum, electro-static, mechanical interference.
  • Applications include pulleys with bearings, IP brackets with laminates, battery components with nickel inserts and aluminum/plastic film.
  • A-B-C Pillars with Cloth for Lincoln, Cadillac, Jeep & Tesla.

Contract Machining

Arlen Tool + Machining Division offers a variety of high-precision machined components to the automotive, aerospace, military, oil, and gas sectors. Services offered include high precision 3 and 5-axis machining of highly complex large and small components. Arlen Tool + Machining also offers full machine shop services for all of your small component manufacturing needs.

Blow Molding

Single and multiple cavities, prototype or production, multilayer fuel systems to monolayer washer bottles and SCR tanks. The following OEM customers through our Tier 1 partners: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Fiat and Polaris.

Mechanisms, Features, Materials

  • E-rings – retractable, stationary
  • Butterfly and Unscrewing devices
  • Clip, Bishop and Baffle Retraction
  • Blow Pin and Parison Crimping
  • Pneumatic Needles: inline/offset
  • Knockout Cylinders
  • Configurable Control Boxes- for machine, prox switch or sequential control
  • Customer specific pinch details (SS or Mold Max materials), cooling configurations etc.
  • M1 Aluminum -Prototype; Alumold or QC10 -Production.

Chrome Plated Parts

Specializing in tooling to produce chrome plated plastic injection parts.

  • Specializing in tooling tools to produce chrome plated parts. Experience with fine machining, high polish and tooling requirements for producing parts in the chroming process.
  • Applications to assist in Chroming process including: Tie-in Runners, Chrome Robbers, Lifter Gates, etc.
  • Applications include Fog Bezels, Front Grilles, Grille Bars, etc.


Arlen Tool + Machining specializes in:

  • Automotive Lighting.
  • Product design feasibility support.
  • Multi-Color Lighting.
  • Forward Lighting.
  • Rear Lighting.
  • Interior Lighting.
  • Best in class, in-house SPI A1 polishing.
  • 100+ years of lighting experience.
  • Troubleshooting expertise.

Compression Tooling

Arlen Tool Group, your partner in Tooling for all your Compression Molding needs.

  • Molds with Single and Multiple Cavities.
  • Prototype and Production Tooling.
  • Expertise in BMC, SMC as well as Pre-heated thermosets processes.

Arlen China

We can offer tooling supplied domestically within China and/or exported to N.A.

  • Full Tool Builds (Prototype or Production); Mold Components (Slides or Lifters); Mold Bases or Ejector Boxes; Parts (Prototype or Production); Gauges
  • Offices in Tianjin and Shenzhen

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